Home Consultations

It’s important to make your home work for you. The energy and love you put into your space is reflected in the life you create. Once you get your home in order and mindfully place your possessions, you will have created a space where the energy can peacefully flow and you can actually feel your home supporting you.

Tidying Sessions

I use The KonMari Method as my basis for tidying a home. I guide you through the method in creating a space that is free of clutter, well organized and sparks joy.


  • Half Day: 3 hours – Great for people who want a quick lesson in using the KonMari Method in tidying and organizing his/her space
  • Full Day: 5 hours – Optimal for truly organizing and learning how to implement and live a clutter free lifestyle.
  • Half Day Series: 3 Half Days Sessions (3hrs /3 days) – Choose this if you have a busy schedule that only allows for 3 hour increments of time or you have a fair amount of clutter
  • Full Day Series: 3 Full Day Sessions (5hr/3 days) – You have a lot of clutter and are willing to commit to the KonMari Method of tidying

Cost: 60$ / hour

Feng Shui

Feng Shui meaning, wind and water is the ancient Chinese art of placing items within a space. It’s used to facilitate the flow of Ch’i in creating harmony and balance to maximize the potential for those who use it.

A consultation will focus on providing recommendations on how to best utilize your space. This can include placement of decorative items, interior and exterior design, furniture placement, bagua cures and enhancements.

I’ve been practicing Feng Shui for the past 5 years. I not only use my intuition to feel the energy flow of a room but I also use a particular form of Feng Shui that I’ve found produces the best results. Contact me for estimates based on the size of your space.

Cost: 65$ / hour

Space Clearing

Is the art of clearing the energies of a space or building. It’s a special ceremony in which I use techniques that I’ve learned while letting my intuition guide me in cleansing the space. Space Clearing is great for:

  • House blessings for new homes
  • To sell a home
  • New baby on the way
  • Strange energy that may feel cold, unpleasant, nervous or unbalanced

Cost: 70$ / hour


Email: daniela@simplespruce.com

Phone: 206-659-5019