About Me

Daniela - Creator of Simple Spruce

I believe our homes reflect our inner selves. A tidy home with well-placed and loved furniture will provide a calm atmosphere where one can rejuvenate from the chaos of every day living. Not only can a healthy home provide nourishment but it can help with creativity, clarity and enrichment in other aspects of your life.

While I use a variety of techniques in the work I do, I rely heavily on my intuition in creating well balanced, clutter free spaces. I’ve instinctually been doing this since I was a child, but didn’t develop specific techniques until I had my own home.

I’ve practiced energy healing for well over a decade and have been formally trained in reiki but I rely heavily on my intuition to guide me in each healing session. I tailor each session to the individual and allow their body to tell me what it needs in order to restore balance.

Living in Seattle, with dark, cold winters and lovely, yet short summers, I appreciate airy and light spaces that allow for cozying up in a corner with a good book. I enjoy a life of hygge and love Scandinavian design.

Email: daniela@simplespruce.com