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Five unexpected ways my life changed since using the KonMari Method

I was first introduced to Marie Kondo’s book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” over two years ago. Her book was on the New York Times Best Seller list for 86 weeks and in that time has become an international sensation. As a person who thrives in clutter free environments, I couldn’t wait to read and put her decluttering method to use. I have completed the entire method once and soon realized that keeping a tidy home is more of a lifestyle change than a one and done method. Her book has not only altered the way I live but what I value. Here are the shifts I’ve made in the past two years.

1. My spending habits changed. Before, I would do more impulse purchasing. Now, I think more about the purchase, do research and if I’m unable to afford it, I save until I can.

2. I tend to purchase items that are well made and have lasting power. This ultimately gives me more joy, is better for the environment and my clutter free home.

3. My drawers and shelves remain tidy even with heavy use. Now that I can see all of my clothes, I know exactly where to find everything and it’s easier to return items to their home. I don’t forget about pants that were previously lost and crumpled in the back. Since I’m not a morning person, this has made getting ready for my day much easier.

4. I have a lot less stuff which allows the rooms and closets to breathe and the energy to flow better. It also allows me to enjoy the items that truly do bring me joy.

5. I wake up with more gratitude and self love. Living in a space with items I truly appreciate and love, not only makes me cherish my space, but myself as well. In the past I thought nourishing myself was a bit self indulgent, now I happily value and cherish everything in my space including myself.

You can find Marie Kondo’s book at Amazon or at your local library. If you can’t wait to get started but think you may need help, I do offer tidying sessions.

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